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Read This before Buying a Bulletproof Vest for Personal Safety

Are you planning to buy a bulletproof vest for personal safety? Nowadays, you must take security into your own hands and take proper precautions if you ever encounter such a situation. In this blog, we’ll talk about the truths that you should know before buying a bulletproof vest.

In current times, humans have managed to develop powerful defensive armor that can stop higher caliber bullets. However, if the armor is upgraded, so do the weapons. So, only relying on defensive armor for protection is not a good idea.

Many people think that government or police will protect them. But if you think about it, they cannot protect you when the real problem arises because it is not humanly possible unless officers have already forecasted the events.

But most of the time, it is impossible to protect a person. Police and the military can surely defend against attacks and guard a place. They can even take down an enemy, but if you catch trouble in a place where there is no security, you are on your own! So, taking safety into your own hands is the first thing you should do to protect yourself.

For personal safety, many people buy bulletproof vests from defense stores to protect themselves. But there are some things that you need to know before buying a bulletproof vest.

Things to know before buying a bulletproof vest

A bulletproof vest is bullet-resistant

  • Nothing is entirely bulletproof in the actual world. For example, bulletproof vests constructed of Kevlar are genuinely bullet-resistant and classified to a specific level of protection according to international ballistic resistance standards, one of which is NIJ 0101.04.
  • However, in practical life, bullet-resistant vests do not protect the wearer from every possible threat, rather, they are designed to withstand specific calibers and types of bullets.
  • And you’d need entirely other forms of body armor with highly specific ballistic systems for stab protection.

The life span of a vest

  • A normal level IIIA bulletproof vest has an average lifespan of 5 years. The vests are made to preserve their protective properties for the time period mentioned.
  • If you are using body armor on a daily basis it loses its protective potential faster than one that is kept on a closet. Regardless of how long the body armor has been worn, the vest should be thoroughly examined for signs of wear, such as creases, tears, odors, and burns.
  • If properly cared for, the vest should endure for the duration of the guarantee as well as a long time after it expires.

Don’t dampen your armor

  • Swimming while wearing body armor is a perfect idea to ruin a bulletproof vest. This happens because when the ballistic fiber comes into direct contact with water, it loses its ballistic features.
  • When this occurs, it becomes vulnerable to bullet penetration. Although, modern vests are covered with water and dust repellent cover that protects them from getting wet.
  • A light sprinkle of water will not affect their durability, but as we said, if you jump in a pool of water wearing the vest and expect them to work normally, it won’t be possible. Water will eventually seep into the vest and soak the armor completely leaving them vulnerable.

Clean your armor

  • The ballistic panels and fibers are part of the vest which provide the actual bullet resistance. To ensure that they work properly, you must store, use, and clean them according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Use a moist sponge and mild soap to clean the ballistic vest and hang them straight to dry. Never throw them in the washing machine. They should also not be ironed because irons cause the fiber to burn or melt.

Store them properly

  • Bulletproof vests are surely sturdy and tough, but if you do not store them properly, they will develop cracks in the areas from where they are folded which means they become the weak points of the vest.
  • So, to retain their sturdiness, you have to store them properly. In addition, the modern bulletproof vests are made from Kevlar fiber, and if these fibers go out of shape, it can lead to improper functioning of the vest. As a result, these vests can become crippled and can also sustain self-damage.

Replace the vest

  • The military bulletproof vests are useful as long as they are not punctured. The fibers used in these vests can only work properly if they are properly stitched together.
  • So, if you got bullet holes in your vest, then you should probably get the vest changed. These vests may or may not perform well if they are damaged.
  • There is no way to repair a damaged vest, so you can only replace the older vest with a new one to get higher protection in your next mission.

These are some of the few things you need to know before getting a bulletproof vest for personal safety. Many lenders provide bulletproof vests for sale in America from where you can get a durable vest for personal protection. So, ensure you get them from a reliable lender for quality assurance.


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