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Top 5 Ways to Use Meditation Pillow


In this hectic world there are many ways to maintain one’s mind stress free and also away from negative or bad thoughts. There are many various types of methods which help people to cure these mental problems. In ancient history medic books the best remedy for these types of problems is one and only Yoga and doing Meditation regularly. Yoga is such an activity that is recommended to all people whether it’s about losing weight, keeping the mind quiet, and many more things which can make one’s lifestyle healthy. Meditation is a part which is needed during Yoga to make it more effective on the human body. 

Meditation is such a session or process in which many can cure or relieve stress. In this session a person just has to sit and has to count their breath from 1 to 10 and then reverse. During the process one should try their best to make their mind rest and free from all the thoughts there whether they are good or bad, the mind should feel weight free. This session can be done anywhere whether one is standing, sitting on the floor or chair, in their car or even when they are free from their work. This process helps one to keep their mind free from stress, and also increase one’s concentration power high, help to focus on work and even lower their anger temper. The main motive of yoga is to provide a healthy lifestyle whether it’s physical health or inner peace. 

But sometimes if a person is suffering from back, knee, hips or even lower region pain it’s difficult for them to do yoga and meditate in a sitting position as it can harm their back and also sometimes pain in legs or thighs. For those people who are suffering from these problems Meditation Pillow or Cushion is the best remedy. As the cushion helps to keep their lower back straight and hips, knees lift up the ground. Also helps to avoid pain in legs or thighs as the cushion comes between them and ground which makes it easy to sit comfortably and also for a longer period of time. 

Top 5 ways to use Meditation Pillow or Cushion

There are many different and good ways to use the meditation pillow as it helps in many various ways and also to keep the lower region pain less. Here are top 5 

ways to use the Meditation pillow:- 

Quarter or Half Lotus Yoga Pose

It is a traditional yoga pose that requires a lot of strength on knees or hips. For doing the full lotus pose one can easily use cushions by positioning them on half of the cushion or pillow. The pillow will support the knees, hips or ankles of the user. And for half lotus pose, palace the same ankles a bit higher and then allow it to rest on the upper thigh of the opposite leg. The cushion will help to have a cross legged position and gently place their right ankle on another calf. 

Kneeling Pose With Support 

Kneeling is a pose that is very popular among the people who meditate. But during this pose many can suffer from back or lower area pain problems. Special for those who have sensitive or already paining knees or ankles. Using of Meditation pillow can help the person to support their knees during the session. As the cushion will reduce the pressure on joints and also promotes circulation in legs. 

Back Pain 

The people who are suffering from back pain this is the best cushion that anyone can have. In this pose all one has to do is to sit down on the pillow right behind their hips, and lean back with their arms overhead to open up their chest which is a yoga pose for healing back aches. This yoga pose helps to relieve the back pain and to stretch out the lower abdomen area.  The design of the pillow is such that people can open their chest and rib cage and have longer and deeper breaths during meditation.

Balasana (child pose)

It’s one of those yoga poses which everyone does while they are a yoga person or not. This is an extra-comfortable pose, where one had to put their head on the pillow. The child pose helps to stretch thighs, hips and back also. Balasana reduces the stress level instantly, and during the session one can focus on their deep breath and set their mind free. 

Cross-Legged Sitting On Ground

For many people who have lower back or thigh problems it is hard to sit cross legged. For them a meditation pillow is best as it gives support to the knees or hips and gives minimal strain on joints and lets knees stretch and hips open. And if someone’s feet are falling asleep, make sure to switch the position of the ankle as during the pose circulation many have been low. 


The best thing about doing yoga is that it gives a full good change to a normal life as it keeps a human mind silent which relieves a stressful mind.  If meditation and yoga is done regularly it helps a human body to improve their physical strength, strong and health, and inner mind is quiet and calm. Meditation pillow helps one to do both activities in a good and perfect manner.

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