Learn all About the All New IPhone 15: Specs, Launch Date

Learn all About the All New IPhone 15: Specs, Launch Date
  • PublishedSeptember 12, 2023

If you are also one of the IPhone freaks, this article is just for. As Apple just announced an event in which they are planning to launch the all new IPhone 15. But as you know, Apple likes to be the secret gun and not reveal anything about their devices prior to the BIG EVENT DAY. But we got you covered, tune in with us to learn all about the new IPhone 15.

Variants of IPhone 15

Before we get into anything else about the new IPhone, new need to talk about the exciting colors and variants that the new IPhone will have. Like every IPhone, Apple this time too is coming up with four variants of the new device. The 15 and the 15 plus. In addition, the 15 PRO and the 15 PRO MAX.

If we talk about the colors the new IPhone, It will consider of all the previous colors like silver grey and space black, in addition to that the new colors will most likely be a vanilla and dark blue. These shades are great and will be a new change for the previous and loyal user of the IPhone.

Charging Ports

Apple has finally decided to get rid of the lightning port that it offered in the previous IPhones. Now they are finally moving towards a better yet drastic change of removing the lightning port and replacing it with a USB type C port in the new IPhones. Apple hinted its users that it was coming through by giving out the new MAC books with the USB type C ports.

It’s good for the Apple users in many ways. The first one being that type C cables are fairly cheaper and easier to find as compared to the lightning ones. The second one being that it will charge the phone more quickly.

Body frame of the new IPhone

Another big change in the new IPhone we will see is the change in body. The reason behind this is that, Apple is now planning on making the body of the new IPhone by using titanium alloy instead of the stainless steel that they were using. It’s a big advantage for the Apple users, as their phones now will be much more durable and strong and also will be lighter in weight as compared to the previous IPhones.

Are bezels gone in this IPhone?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Although, this IPhone will offer much thinner bezels that the previous IPhones. The new ones will have the bezels of 1.5 mm while the previous IPhones had bezels of 2.17 mm. Which means that the screen will be a bit brighter and bigger than the previous models.

Are Cameras any better?

Yes, the cameras on the new IPhones are much better than the previous ones. As they are keeping the main camera the same (which is not bad at all) but offering a new camera lens of 13.4MP f/2.2 ultra-wide with a superior 7p lens. This change will happen in the IPhone 15 Pro and the MAX one only.

New chip on the PROs

The base and the plus variant of IPhone 15 will operate on the same A16 SOC chip of last year. Which is fairly not bad as it’s a powerful chip. But if we talk about the PRO and the MAX model, they are coming with all new processor with A17. This is also a very powerful chip, and it’s being built on a 3nm process. This chip will offer a better performance of upto 10 to 15%, which is a huge upgrade from the previous IPhones. The A17 will have a 6-core GPU and a 6-core processor, which is 1 more core than the graphics in the previous (A16) chip. Apple will likely pair the new chip with 8GB of RAM.

Expect to see an increase in the price of the new IPhone

According to some Intels, Apple might increase the prices of the PRO and the MAX variants. The reason that they are telling to do so is combatting the number of decline in their sales. Which is understandable, as the inflation is going crazy now a days. But how much will the increase be? It will most likely be of 100 dollars.


We would like to conclude this article by saying that we have tried to cover all the main and important points of the new upcoming IPhone. But Apple is a very secretive brand and keeps the big changes and points hidden till the launch of the event. There will be a lot more changes in the actual IPhones, but we will cover those too after the launch of the event. So stay tuned for that too.

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