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How to Use Air pods? (complete guide)

Air pods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds, a product of Apple, which people use for everyday uses such as; listening to music, phone calls, podcasts, etc. The airpods are made to ease people’s lives, so they are effortless to connect.

If you want to learn more about these earbuds  and learn more on how to use them, keep reading;

How to use the Airpods?

The airpods are relatively easy to use. All you need to do to use these is to charge them. After it’s charged, you need to connect them to any device. Don’t know how to connect it? Follow the step-by-step guide shown below to connect your earbuds to any device.

Process of connecting Airpods

The airpods of all generations are made and have a user-friendly interface. Hence why they are straightforward to operate. The steps indicating the connectivity of the airpods to an iPhone (of software 10.2 or higher) are as under;

1.      Firstly, unlock the phone.

2.      Hold the pods next to your phone, and ensure the lid is closed and the airpods are inside.

3.      Open the lid of the airpods; you should find a message on your phone’s screen with the statement “Connecting the airpods to your phone.”

4.      Tap *Connect* to begin the pairing process.

5.      Tap *done*. Now your phone is connected to the earbuds.

Connectivity with other phones

The process of pairing the airpods with other phones is as under;

1.      Firstly, unlock the phone.

2.      Hold the pods next to your phone, and ensure the lid is closed and the buds are inside.

3.      Open the lid of the air pod.

4.      Press and hold the *setup* button. It is a round button on the backside of the earbuds. Hold the button until the status light flashes white.

5.      Go to the settings, and open the Bluetooth of that device.

6.      There should appear a device named *airpods*.

7.      Click on it, and the Airpods should have connected to the given device.

Connectivity of the Air pods Pro

If we talk about the connectivity of the Airpods Pro, It’s the same as the standard version.

The secret to the success of Air pods

Apple started manufacturing its earbuds back in 2016. Apple released the  1st generation airpods on 13th December 2016, the 2nd generation ones came about on 20th March 2019, and then Apple released the final and latest airpods (3rd generation) on 26th October 2021. This product of Apple was a big hit. The main reason for their success was that in the late 2016s, they were a new concept, and Apple’s built quality was exceptional. Another main reason for the Earbuds being so successful is their provided specs. Some are as under;

  • ·         High audio quality.
  • ·         Long-lasting battery.
  • ·         Compatibility.
  • ·         Water resistance.
  • ·         Wireless mag safe charging.
  • ·         Sleek and easy-to-carry design.

Categories of Air pods

If we talk about the 1st gen. airpods, Apple announced it on 7th September 2016 at an Apple event. Along with them, Apple also released iPhone 7 and apple watch series two. 1st gen. airpods contain Apple W1 SoC processor, which helps optimize battery use and Bluetooth 4.2 and audio connections. Two microphones are inside each, one facing outward at ear level and another at the bottom of the stem.

They can hold a charge of around five hours. Charging them for fifteen minutes in the case gives approx—three hours of listening time. Also, the charging case provides 24 hours of total usage time.

2nd generation Air pods

The 2nd gen. ones were announced on 20th March 2019, having the same design as the first-gen but many updated features. It includes an H1 processor that supports hands-free “Hey Siri” and Bluetooth 5 connectivity. In addition, Apple claims 50% more talk time and faster device connection times. Apple also added The “Announce Messages with Siri” feature in iOS 13.2, which allows the user to dictate text messages to Siri. Along with the 2nd gen. airpods came a wireless charging case, which Apple made compatible with the 1st gen.

3rd generation Airpods

Apple released the latest and the most updated earbuds (3rd generation) on 18th October 2021. It featured a new case design, and its stem was made a little shorter and better, more like the Pro version. They support Dolby Atmos and spatial audio. In addition, they are water-resistant, offer skin detection, and mainly their case supports mag-safe wireless charging.

 Apple also claims an increased battery life, with Airpods lasting six hours and the charging case providing up to 30 hours of working when fully charged.

The Airpods Pro

They were a big hit for the company and the users of Apple products. In addition to the airpods, Apple decided to add a new product called the Airpods Pro to their earbuds line. The pros are also wireless, Bluetooth In-ear headphones designed by Apple. They were announced on 28th October 2019 and released two days later on 30th October 2019. They are Apple’s mid-range earphones. The Airpods pro also has an H1 processor like the 2nd gen ones.

Features of Airpods Pro

The pro versions are the most advanced among all. The design of them is unique and different compared to the regular ones. The specs of the Airpods pro include transparency mode, automated frequency profile setting, IPX4 water resistance, wireless charging, interchangeable silicone tip, and, most importantly, active noise cancellation.

 The battery health of the Airpods pro is the same as the 2nd gen earbuds (which is 5 hours) as they use the same processor, but in the pro version, the battery goes down to 4.5 hours as the noise cancellation, and transparency mode reduces its battery life.


I want to conclude by saying that the Airpods and the pro versions are both decent quality earphones, with an interface that is user-friendly and easy to operate. Also, they have set the Bluetooth headphones bar pretty high by their exceptional built quality and high performance.

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