Earthquake in Morocco: Kills 2000 Innocent People

Earthquake in Morocco: Kills 2000 Innocent People
  • PublishedSeptember 11, 2023

Imagine sleeping a peaceful sleep at night, why would you imagine so? You do it every single day right? But not for the people of Morocco. As on this Friday night, a dreadful earthquake struck in the city of Morocco, destroying home of tens of thousands of people and leaving them homeless. The magnitude of this earthquake in Morocco was of 6.8 magnitude, let’s learn more about it in the upcoming article.

Marrakech- the victim city.

Marrakech is a city of Morocco, and has the standard hot and cold temperature variances like most of the deserted areas of the world.

If we talk about the people and the markets of Marrakech, they are ideal for tourists as the people here are fairly friendly and the market are very affordable too. In addition to that, the hot air balloon and the camel rides make it more attractive.

The Damage

Marrakech, a beautiful city, was greatly affected after the first wave of earthquake (of 3.9 magnitude), which came about on Sunday. The number of people that died off of the first wave was 2000, although, the numbers can be a lot more. But if we talk about the wave that came through on Friday night, the magnitude of this earthquake was almost double, affecting a total of 300000 innocent people.

Victim’s Words

“The earth was shaking for about 20 seconds. The doors were going crazy, so I headed down from the second floor to save my life”, said Hamid Afkir, a great teacher residing in a mountainous area west of the epicentre near Taroudant.

“I was on my way home when the earthquake struck. My car shocked back and forth, but I didn’t imagine for a single second this meant there was an earthquake happening,” said Fayssal Badour, from Marrakec

World’s Aids and responses

This event that happened in Morocco was fairly sad and devastating for most part of the world, below are some of the responses and aids that the world has shown for “earthquake in morocco” event

The deployment of SAR team in Morocco by UK

The UK government has planned on sending 60 SAR teams to the Earthquake affected areas. These teams are equipped with all the necessary equipment including the medical teams. This news was confirmed today by the foreign minister.

Biden’s Support for the victims

Biden on national television, came with the statements infamously supporting the victims of the hideous earthquake.

José Andrés plan of setting up food delivery in the damaged areas

José Andrés, a Spanish American chef, philanthropist and restaurateur said that his not-for-profit organization called World Central Kitchen, is locating their food trucks in Morocco to convey meals to the victims of the earthquake.


To conclude this article, we would like to say that earthquake in Morocco was a very devastating time for not only the people and the government of Morocco, but for the rest of the world too. As this event can occur to any part of the world.

Every country should always try to help other countries, so that when the home country faces these kind of situations, other fellow countries can be a big help. So we should always try to help each other, as no one knows what the world has to offer, Be smart, be safe.

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